Girl on Fire


I look in the mirror and see many faces.
I see the face of a seventeen year old girl,
Shoulder length brown hair and circles under her eyes.
Wipe off the mirror with your sleeve,
and you’ll see something more.
Appearances are deceiving.
Now what is it that you see?
You see a sickly pale face with sad eyes.
Eyes that shout help me! I’m here!
Now get a spray bottle and spray at the mirror.
Wipe off the mist with a warm towel.
Now what is it that you see?
Still the same pale face if a girl,
But somethings different, somethings changed.
The eyes.
The brown eyes are no longer yearning consolation.
These eyes are sparkling.
They have hope, they have faith.
Take a step back from the mirror and let her come out.
Young Hazel Grace is still living.
She is fighting this cancer with all her might.
No matter how haggard her appearance might be,
She is still a fighter.
That girl is on fire.


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