Please Listen

I am the girl you laugh at every day
I am the boy with scars on my arms
I am the geek who hides behind books
I am the jock who's scared of sexuality
I am the cheerleader with the imperfect body
I am the leader who's beaten at home
I am the tormented and oppressed
I am the seemingly perfect
I am not unaffected by the cares of
This world
I am the abused, the hurt, the
You are the friend who is a balm
You are the tormentor who kills me
You are the lover who accepts me
You are the mirror that taunts me
You are my link, you are my bridge
You are the words I can't say
You are my shoulder to cry on
You do not realize how much you can
Hurt me
Heal me
Love me
Save me from myself
You are the one who listens
Now please help me


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