Yes, the acceptance letter means everything to me.


Memorial High School
2225 Keith St
United States
44° 47' 41.2476" N, 91° 28' 23.9196" W

For what it's worth?

This is my new start, new heart, shining at the end of this semester's tunnel

This is my ticket to rainy city days by the sea, my express out of a tiny frost-bitten city in the midwest, away from a skipping record on a loop called disfunctionaldillusional prospects

Out of reach from the darker days of the broken family and the patchwork relationships of days gone by

An Acceptance letter for the pair of wings I have waited for my whole life

And for what it's worth?

I'll miss it here too.

I'll miss the burnt orange nights spraled out in the grass, the misty afternoons among the allys behind chipped brick buildings. I will miss the railway bridge, long scince forgtten overgrown by vines in that beautiful jarring of industrial vs the natural.

My city was the back of my hand, and is now the baby teeth of my destiny; I am no longer in need of it yet it will always be apart of my being.

So for what it's worth?

I hope the west coast treats me well, I hope that this dazzling, shining opertunity leads me to something better than before. Where tall buildings that can shimmy and salt in the air satisfys this need, I hope it's worth sacrificing my dollar bills to achive what has been a long, long time comming:

Where I finally leave the house,

And come home.




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