Wish I Would Of Talked


There are so many things I want to tell you

I was the quiet one in class who did all of his work

But you still gave me the bad grades because I did not talk throughout your class

I want to tell you that I was facing hard times

There are many kids in America who face the same problems and do not talk about it

But this does not allow you as an instructor to put down those who are less social

I write this poem so you can be nicer to the shy kids

The other thing that I would like to see changed at school

Is that it is 120 degrees outside and you do not let us sit in the shaded area

Yea, you might think it’s not hot because you’re in the shade

This got me very mad I almost fainted one summer

But still you don’t want students to keep cool from the sun

I thought school was a place to learn and be happy but instead you turned it to a bad thing

Remember I am the shy student who you screamed at because I did not talk

Please learn to treat all student the same

Because you can be the only good thing in that students life




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