The Bright Daze of Autumn

The autumn is upon us
it must be an enrichment
of all that went before

The candy "daze" of the children
as they dress up and play
live out their drama for the real world
excitedly  - they hold their UNICEF boxes
in their hands - We should give -  something
it teaches them good lessons
of compassion and love
at least that's what I remember in the Girl Scouts
Children all over the world need so much help
In the U.S. they have so much

The color dance beguiles us as the trees
drop their leaf images in the water
The harvest moon cozies us
there is so much consoling and healing
in this autumn season

We start anew - born anew
each year, each month, each day
The white mums that turn purple
Who did it? Our Faire Godmother?
or the eco-science madness,
magical,  mighty, medicine

Let us reap all and everything
let us experience the new day
with its crimson/purple dawns
and its morning light





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