I push so hard everyday

I know it angers you so much to wake up knowing Im not with you no more to drive you crazy

I wake up too but here or not you still drive me crazy

Your invisible presence and everything you taught me about love is roaming

On those days I want to stop 

I keep you in mind

I push so hard everyday


Youre not far away at all 

My love, If I can kiss you one more time until I heal myself

My half cycle of suffering will already be complete


Its because youre an angel

Youre so beautiful inside and out

Nothing in this world but you can make me pout

My everyday expression 

It reflects you

Its because youre still hanging on there

On my lips

And your still hanging on here too

In my heart


I push so hard everyday

To accept the fact that you are my light and shelter that I never had

Someone so imperfect that makes me happy but also sad





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