I see that everything is changing,

everything is falling into place. 

And as I watch the seasons changing,

I know nothing will ever be the same. 

I can see that Spring is on it's way,

noithing will stop it from bringing

new life, beginning. 

And in the evening,

We'll be at the sunset singing,

hoping it will bring us

together now. 

Now, things start to warm up,

more and more rainstorms up

in the clouds inform us,

that Summer's on her way.

In evening,

we'll be at the campfire singing,

the moon is bright

and you it's gonna be alright.

Now I see that Summer is on her way

no longer waiting for the weekend,

school's out and we're free again. 

The birds are all up there chirpin', 

the sun is hot on my skin,

and this feeling starts to sink in. 

Then, everything turns around,

the leaves fall to the ground,

the wind blows around, 

and the colors turn to brown.

Then Winter, 

I watch it shimmer,

and all the snowflakes,

and all the ice skates. 

The mountains are covered in a powder,

and all the sleeping flowers,

this feeling is getting louder.

Oh seasons, 

all the joy they bring us,

in your life change is good,

it can bring you out of a bad mood.

Oh seasons,

all the life they bring us, 

everything has fallen into place. 


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