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I remember thinking, it doesn't get better than this. I felt fully alive. Deeply content. Excited. Loved. Full. This was the day I fell in love. I made a special effort to start a newly found relationship. It gave me a chance to connect with a friend, lover, partner in crime; in a way that just felt right and natural. I'm still surprised by how much I forgive him within an instant of whatever it is he does. I realize how much I love him no matter what, through thick and thin. And here's what else made that day special: the thought of us being together between our ups and downs and the sounds of joy that is to come in our lifetime together. That day I wore "?" the usual, something cute, and I can perfectly describe the weather; no rain, just sunshine (on the inside at least). I was so filled with happiness that I didn't even care how people felt or what their opinions were. I just let myself be with somebody real. I felt that you mattered, unlike any other. Sometimes people get so caught up chasing the wrong people they don't realize the beauty in front of them. It's very important to follow your heart and I think that's what I, well we, did. That day was a new beginning to me, and that day held yet another surprise: it was hearing the words "I love you too" being released from your lips and being spoken back directly and honestly to me. All of my senses took in joy and I marveled at "us". It was a day I'll never forget. You are my antidote. My mind, body, and soul. That's why I love you.



I wrote this based upon a relationship I could envision myself in one day. Its basically a flashback I am having about this dude who I'm madly in love with. He is the center of my world and does everything perfect and I'm so grateful and appreciative for a man like him. When I was writing this I imagined myself being totally in love and dedicated to this one special person.
--Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy :)

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