My One Fulfilled Dream

My future was unclear
A dream with no name
It began to draw near
Still now it remains
Though once unseen
It makes itself known
In the love that I find
And the joy that I show
The kids that I'll see
The lives that I'll touch
It's just History
But it matters so much
It's more than a name
Or a date or a War
It's the story of men
That came once before
To them it's a tale
Needed for a good grade
For me its the triumph
In the life that I've made
It wont come with fame
Or fortune like gold
But theres a freedom I'll find
In the secret I'll hold.
This is my dream
To teach and be taught
Though when it will start
Is something I know not
All that I know
Of what waits for me
Is a life-changing job
and my one fulfilled dream. 


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