I laugh and I play.


I laugh, I play, I laugh some more,

And make sure that the world is smiling.

I watch and joke and play along,

Not once do I think of reti'ring.


Just one, now two, now three then four,

These people who need to be stronger.

They do not know, they don't need to,

But I can't hold on that much longer.


But them, they laugh, they laugh all day,

I'm sure to ensure that they won't stop.

They learn, they grow, they become strong,

I hide all my pain when the lights drop.


No one, not one, no single soul,

Could find a single tear that was mine.

My job, my life, perform, perform!

In the end, I know all will be fine.


I lie, I know, but what to do?

I hide myself to help, and it does.

Breaking, broken, just pushing through,

Keeping confined, ignoring the buzz.


Let me, please do, to make your day,

The curtain, she calls, they've got no clue,

No tears, bright eyes, this is what counts,

And so now a show I give to you.


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