The Girl


One heart two different worlds
One body two opposite girls
One chose love the other hate
One chose corruption the other faith
One always tries to devise a plan
The other simply follows the great I am
She’s as wild as the wind
But calm as the breeze
She flies like a kite
But she’s grounded like the trees
Eventually one has to suffocate
For where there is love there can be no hate
Sunday morning one forgets to breathe
But by Monday night she’s the only one that sees
Trapped in this world she decides to bleed
Lying in that hospital bed as she tries to breathe
Two girls become one and her whole world finally sees
Where there is love there can be no hate
Humanity’s demise is that we choose to wait
Put things off until its all too late
When the light becomes darkness
And our last breath seals our fate
Moral of the story stop waiting
Stop hating learn to love and cut the debating
Don’t let people feel like they’re worthless
Show them they’re perfect
Their life has a purpose
Because they too are part of a higher plan
We are all loved by the Great I Am



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