The Key To Life


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The key to life

Is a curious thing

Some may describe in as embroidered in gold 

and flowing with satin ribbons that cascade down its side.

Every minute of every day of every year

We hungrily search for this key, this treasure,

And bury ourselves to the ground in our searches.

"Where is the happiness? I must find this key

That unlocks the beauty of the world!" 

Heads buried, noses to the Earth,

We find nothing but more darkness

And dig ourselves deeper,

As our pits of despair steadily grow. 

We dig and search for the key

The key to life.

Day in and day out

We continue to dig ruts into the Earth.

Until one morning dawns 

That brings the brilliance of the sun. 

Golden rays shine down upon our lowered heads and numbed minds

And bestow upon us the beauty of the natural world.

The sun's rays, so joyful and pure,

Rejuvenate our minds

And remind us of who we are.

Climbing out from our pits,

We follow the warm smile of the sun

And gaze upon beautiful flowers

Of the natural gardens around us.

Slowly, we come back to life

And welcome our blessings.

We no longer scrounge in our greediness 

For the key to life.

The sun exudes its golden joy down to us 

And the flowers, in full bloom,

Raise their heads high in praise

With colored petals that no Man could ever hope to replicate.

Risen from our ruts 

And stepped away from our self-made darkness,

We recognize the golden sun

To be the gold within the infamous key

And the exuberant, lively petals 

As the ribbon that adorned it.

With our eyes finally open, we breathe.

"Happiness... Is all around us."

And the golden, divine key to life

Has been beside us all along. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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