Cheers To Us

My dearest love, my heart's delight,
Though we've had fights, it's all alright,
For in your eyes I see such light,
And in your arms I find respite.

Your smile, your laugh, they make my day,
And when we're together, troubles fade away.
We've had our disagreements, it's true,
But nothing can break the bond between me and you.

When I'm with you, I feel so free,
Like I can be myself, just me.
You listen to me with such care,
And make me feel like you're always there.

So here's a poem to express my love,
For you, my angel, sent from above.
Though we've had our ups and downs,
My love for you forever abounds.

Let's put aside the fights and strife,
And focus on the beauty of our life.
For you are my rock, my shining star,
And I'll love you always, no matter how far.

Your man 25

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