Hell of A Life



I'm just walking
On an adventure you might say
Through day & night 
Who knows what I might find?
We may just be lost in the wild
Where the wild things are 
What do we know?

We probably are the wild things 
No one knows for sure 

As we grow, our strengths and weakness accumulates

Little by little winners and losers communicate

It’s all between love and hate

And which path we take

Play with Guns and knives

Niggas leaving their pregnant wives

Silence is a killer and a killer moves in silence

He has a reputation for street violence

Stolen cars and broken houses

Every effect has its causes

Why can’t we see?
We’re on a journey 
A journey to where you may ask?
A journey to find who we really are
The unrated heart wrenching truth
We are headed to where no one has gone before

Crawling to our success
We shall become legends one day
Let our stories dwell in the mind of others 
Perhaps that's where our journey will lead us
Let our names be remembered like the names of 9/11 
Let our journey guide us to the better future
Let it be a journey full of action
Lets make it suspenseful

Perhaps a journey of great horror

Maybe a journey full of romance
I always wanted a happily ever after 
Let it teach others morals of life
We shall show just how important we are 

We the people

We the students

We can make a movement
if we move in groups like the natives
Fight for what we deserve
if it’s not yours, hand it over

It’s time to play the game
Rumor has it that we are all-stars in the game
the one game everyone hates playing
the game that brings

Strong hatred

Horrifying pain

Tears of sadness

Tears of joy
the game everyone was born into 
the game of life.

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Your poem was beautiful, I loved it.


As she said beautiful piece. Love the message behind it and your correct life brings both joy and hardships but jsut continue along it and you will experience more then you know. What inspiried you to write this piece?


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