My Son, Jayden

Whenever I am feeling down,

I just sit and look around.

I think about what I have seen,

and what I have done.

I am not worthy,

I don´t deserve your mercy.

I have fallen again, and again,

I am the only one to blaim

for all of my errors and mistakes.

I want to know what it takes, 

to be strong once again.


The day you were born,

I could´ve sworn

that you were an angel sent from above.

Not a day will pass where you dont feel my love.

I will guide you, protect you and cherish you.

No matter what it is we go through,

As everyday goes by

I will always testify,

the joy that you brought into my life.

You, my son are the happiness that shines in my soul.

Whenever, I am feeling down and feeling low.

All I need is you, to get me through the day

and to reassure me that everything will be okay.

This poem is about: 
My family


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