I care


You may think im oversensitive And a drama queen too I may be controlling at times But I will always love you  You may say i may be overbearing By clinging by your side But when you say everything is okay You didnt tell the truth, you lied  You dont tell me how you feel Because I will take it the wrong way But I dont care about my feelings anymore I just want you to say..  Say how you feel Let it out of your chest I dont care if it hurts me We can take care of the rest  I know im your problem The one who aggravates you You may feel this way sometimes But remember I sometimes do too  I try my best to give you the world But it somehow ends back to me You feel as if I make it that way Like how 1 + 2 = 3  I dont mean to make you feel this way This put me all to tears Even if you dont talk to me I just want you to know that i care  You may ignore me when im talking While playing on your iphone This hurts me deep inside Especially when im all alone  You leave without saying goodbye Not even a soft gentle kiss I miss having you in my presence Thats def one thing i will miss  Please talk to me baby Let us work it out Dont make the matters worse Before this is what the whole team will talk about  It will be a disaster Everything will turn out bad You wouldnt even care Because you are already mad  Youre more than mad, you're aggravated And i know you are, I am too I am really truly being honest That I dont mean for this to happen to you  I want everything to turn back to normal You can see how i feel through my tears I just want you to know.. That I truly really care... 

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