The Struggles Of Recovery


A horizontal line,

A bluish-purple vein,

how much would it take

to drive me insane?


A few more hospital visits,

A few more prescription pills

they say recovery is possible

but I don't think I have the will


I just want my razor

I need something to cut

I'll draw lines with a red pen

But will that be enough?


I repeat the words, "I don't want to die,"

death is peaceful, this is true

but is it worth what you put your family through?


All these questions don't get answered

I want to smash a window with a hammer

I want to recover, I really do

I just don't want to give up my sharp best friend

that always helps me pull through.


Written On: December 23, 2012


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Wow this is amazing. It really shows the affects of a someone withdrawing from not being able to cut. So much emotion and detail. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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