What Summer Means To Me

Summer means no shoes 95% of the time. Having popsicles at least 2 times a day. It's so dark that you won’t even recognize yourself pale. Staying up so late that you have to wait only another half hour until sunrise. Not even keeping track of what day it is because it doesn’t even matter. Have 5 s’mores at a bonfire. Lying out in the sun for hours and hours just because it feels so good on your skin. Walking on a beach with no destination. Jamming out with friends and cooking at 2am. Not worrying about any pimples or blemishes because your sun freckles cover them up. Jumping into a freezing cold river because as soon as you get out the sun will dry you right back up. The smell of salt water and sunscreen that smells like coconuts. Setting records of consecutive sleepovers with your best friends to the point where y’all basically live together. Having breakfast at lunchtime because you don’t have to wake up so early anymore. Eating a whole tub of ice cream while just talking for hours upon hours. It’s all the late nights with people you care about. It’s about having fun feeling free. That's all of it.


Summer to me means happiness.


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