Someday Someone


  I miss that feeling
When I felt the surge
The boost of spirits
The sound of birds
The world was laughter
The peace, like rain
But since it happened
It won’t come again

It’s like my life is muffled
Sounds, so distant far
The place in my heart is empty
My mood is black like tar

But in my dreams it whispers
Out there is someone new
Someone to lift your spirits
And never make you blue
The time is not so distant
The day is growing near
But waiting is required to come and enter here

So till that someday….someone
My heart shall linger on
Till you, my someday someone ‘
I shall call you love. <3




this might sound like just another love sick teenager poem. but it really expresses the fact that everybody deserves love and will be loved in their lives. its not just about puppy love. its about the essentialness of we as humans to be loved.

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