Everything Is All Right


United States
41° 11' 9.1176" N, 73° 10' 45.1668" W

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder/
Or at least that's what I told her/
When I hold her, I wanna mold her not scold her/
Give her cold chills, never the cold shoulder/
Her beauty can get you high but her words can make you sober/
Upbringing spirit will make you think you can move a boulder/
She's hot, but the heart she got couldn't be no colder/
I'm trying to finish what we started before we're so over/
Because what's ending a relationship with no closure?/
With a baby on the way, our child will need a whole stroller/
So I work my hardest for you and them until I roll over/
And..See my demise in disguise hidden behind all them lies/
The truth shall find and I bind, myself to the effort to find/
But it keeps me quiet like a mime, so my mind is active and sublime/
Thoughts pacing back and forth like they're racing against time/
the pain is insane ican't maintain to sustain/
Emotionally it sticks like a stain, you think it could be fixed? Well it can't/
My life is an easel and my creativity is paint/
My music is art so call me Picasso not a saint/
I keep it runnin' like the sink until I black out like when you faint/
Success driven and I'm buckled up for the long drive/
But I'm gonna hold my head because everything is all right/


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