My Life In A Nutshell

It all started on the first day of school,
not passing the rule.
No one coming to my aid,
on my shoulders the cruel words laid.
Then came middle school,
people even more cruel.
I was a fool,
too stupid to be cool.
All this time,
anxiety covering me in slime.
Then along came a boy,
who used me like a toy.
Not enough of a slut,
not making the cut.
Along comes the shadows,
the endless mass of sorrow.
Thats when the blood began to flow,
suicide beginning to grow.
Finally summer came,
change was my aim.
Goal reached,
but the barrier was breached.
Going back to the same hate,
the same slate.
Friends moved on,
as I became a ghost of a pawn.
I lost the one person who stayed,
cutting through my heart like a blade.
The emptiness killing me,
no one to see.
So here I am,
a dulled gem.


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