Wed, 09/03/2014 - 09:11 -- ramseye

Sometimes i like to think that lifes a little more sunny,
Or that its a bit more funny,
And that it's really not about money.

Sometimes you need to just shut the door,
Sit on the living room floor,
And love a little bit more.

Am i delusional? Im not sure.
But why think darkly? Why what for?

When you could take a tour
of the east coast and enjoy the shore
Even if you're poor
Sit by the campfire an d eat some smores,
Or go dance in the rain during a downpour
And let the world paint you a thousand pictures,
And let those thousand pictures paint you a thousand words.
And let those words inspire you to the Core
And just smile a litte more.



I love this! AMAZING!!!


Thank you so much! Truly made my day.

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