Think Before You Act/ Think Trigger

We are all victims, persons targeted to feel pain and misery

and all that are out to slam a foot on our brakes, while driving they have stopped us

on the train tracks leaving us with what you think are only two options;

1. sit there screaming because your too scared to think,

2. or jump out at the last minute and still get hit by the train because you move to slow,

HELL NO ..........NOT A FUCKING OPTION........ I  thought like most we had a cause

or a reason to live so instead i think ill just jump out the way cause my car is ka put, brakes are jank,

car wont crank there is no saving it while you sit there frantically trying to figure something out

I've talked about it enough, time to put it to effect.

See i have this thing called the trigger method,

(and that is only because there is a gun involved for those that pull the trigger before thinking)

you trigger happy bitches,

so blinded by what you see you do not pay enough attention to what you CANT see.

The Manny Manny Manny more options that lie behind your eyes

further past your eye sockets digging deeper i mean into your brain. THINK

And no I am not saying I am better because i know how to use this and do this

but at the very least i can think for myself, and lets not blame it on brainwashing

AND I QUOTE "its not being brain washed , it's because we are people that

do not want, or even try, to change ourselves to be better. We are also ignorant, leading

to us being easily controlled, THEY do not need brainwashing because WE do not choose

a life of learning and knowledge. We choose to be ignorant and let other people tell us

what is right and wrong. There are bad people and there are good people but the majorities are those too ignorant to  see that they only listen to what they are told."

can i tell you how to start, are you even ready?,  Remember what your teacher said a mind

is a horrible thing to waste. Lend me your ear and just listen for that is the key tonight.

SEE if you were stuck in a room and some one had a gun to your head.  Read between the lines,

as if you noticed the gun as your classic yes and no switch. and the person is not just another corrupt

soul but yet you...... your subconscious.... and the room is yet only one in your head......

this is where all your decisions happen, your good and bad the right and wrong the yes and nos...

this is only a showdown between  you and yourself. YOU are YOUR biggest enemy

if you're thinking you've already jumped the gun and shot your self with ideas like;

*take the gun and shoot to kill, *take the gun and shoot to injure,* no, take the gun

and throw it across the room,*no go tomb raider on their ass while still in the chair,

*nope, remove their weapon and then Charlie's angles that ass if you can withstand the drama

(now unless you have training your just an optimistic dumb ass for the last two),*or what about a simple

yes to doing what they want,*or a no and getting shot........... its called thinking on your feet

and there are more than 154 ways to go about this situation  by getting shot and not getting shot

-_- or by being as dumb as the rest.  I mean whose to say they will shoot you in the head, 

how about the foot, hand, leg, arm, any volunteers you stubborn trigger happy fucks.

I'm just saying....... think before you act your actions have a reaction  and the reaction causes

an action-reaction........... you know if you do one thing something else happens, but

life revolves around it self nothing ever stops, so how about the domino effect one wrong move and

your actions are costly to the mind body and spirit.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful msg

important to advocate the importance of violence and its impact on lives

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