Change Your Mind

The years passed so swiftly,

And swiftly so too did I fall in love,

My only life’s desire for you to embrace me,

To take me into those deep blue skies above.

You didn’t mean it when you kissed me,

You were still with her, that bitch,

Why did it take me so long to see?,

Why did it take me so long to get rid of that itch?,

So much time lost torturing myself,

Trying to change your mind about us,

Being put on the shelf,

Not even making a fuss.

I changed myself for you,

Wanting to mold me into the perfect for you,

Thinking that it was so true,

With your affections so few.

I hurt myself to spare you,

And you ignored that,

For a time, my whole world was blue,

I even thought I was fat.

You had a noose on my neck,

I was always your second choice,

And when you broke up with her, sent me to heck,

Why did I hide the tears in my voice?

So many others loved me,

I could have had anyone,

But you were the only one that I could see,

I flew too close to the sun.

Forgive me when I say that you created an imbecile out of me,

But it took far too long for me to see,

That I could fly free,

That I could flee,

To see that I didn’t need your falseness,

To find someone who would hold me tight,

Someone I never thought would be there, I must confess,

Someone whose arms will hold me when the wind howls in the night.

Someone whose mind I do not have to change,

Whose affections are bought only with a smile,

And for them, it is not far that I have to range,

Hardly even a mile.

They’ve swept me off my feet,

And while they shall never know of you, of… this,

Their glow is as golden as a field of waving wheat;,

Not just that, we send each other into a world of bliss!

It took a new love for me to see,
That I don’t have to alter myself,
To see how you mistreated me,

How I don’t have to gather dust on the shelf.



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