I miss how you looked in my eyes that first night

I could not recal anything else

the way your soft skin felt on my cold hands

The blurred memory gave me a rush

I miss when we layed recalling the past

I poured out secrets like water

while it quenched my thirst for compassion

you seemed to be unparched

Connections and feeling i couldn't explain

I was hurt and you seeled wounds 

It was natural and needed

for our bodies to reconnect

Our end was in spite and unfinished thoughts

Uncompleted love stories

I thought you were crystals that sparkled with light

but you were fools gold

A fake image of beauty

all those nights and sweet words

led gracefully to my soul

were a waste, i was unwanted

for more than lust and deception

I never realized your intentions

no regrets whatsoever

I would do it all again

to spend a night under the stars with you once more


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