The Life of a Fly

We think we are invincible, trusting our bodies to extreme levels

Holding our drinks to be downed before daylight while sucking out the moisture from our skins

in the cold, damp moonlight

"Sleep is for the weak" (though we all praise the moments we get the shut eye)

Our bodies curch and run and pump until someone tells us to stop


That is a lie, we never stop

Degree leaderships career exercise enjoyment, staying up to talk for fear of missing out on "the

experience" when we really just want to sleep

Degrees have become "just degrees"

     "You, yes YOU are the generation" for what we ask

     (I don't think they actually know, just want us to feel responsibility)

We mist push farther and harder and faster

No one stops at four years


These are the nights we want to stop most, when we are told to stop most but know that that is an empty statement

How can you get ahead by sleeping? We know the science, but we don't know the reality

Added to our "experience," telling us we can do it all is a gilded sphere of coal

They expect us to be crazy and stupid, and we are crazy but definitely not stupid


Do as you want, not as you're told, the young ones tell us

Even they are separated though, quickly falling into the state of bound neurons and brain waves

"The greatest years of your life" but we know better

We don;t get a life, we are forced into it

Forced into the life our peers did not want but made for us and now lament their own insecurities

We know there is more, but still try to hold onto the dream, the experience


Our bodies are invincible

Even when they occasionally fail

We are royals at bullshitting it through but in reality how much bullshit is it?

Paper written at 4 AM receiving an A? We may think lucky break, but luck is only so often

Some of them know, and we can call them hard-asses, but they often turn out to be our reprieves,

our last connections to the human experience, whatever we think that is


They are the ones who know the levels of our perceived invincibility, allowing us to fail but

never a harsh response

If we were to ever listen to them, these are the ones we'd listen to

We know we are capable, and they remind us of that

We are not the "generation that will do" to them, we are simply the next generation to come out

with more than the last

To the ones who put the world on our shoulders, praise and reprimand us seconds apart, we are


But to the select few who are there always but never overbearing, see us as just the next 

generation, we are everything


We kill ourselves over everything, but we don't regret it

We procrastinate far too long, but don't suffer from it

We take years off our lives with the amount of stress we go through

But none of that matters

Because now, we are invincible


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