Soft Subtleties of a Storm

Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see

A storm, a raging storm, a perfect metaphor for the chaos of the world

Wars, scandalous politics, death, disease, HURT, PAIN, DARK

So easy to see, so easy to feel, so easy to let it consume 

Hate, spite, rage, life is a pugnacious bitch

Where is the light? The humanity? The joy?

In the midst of the turmoil where is the jubilant symphony that our hearts thirst to hear?

If there is such obvious desolation wreaking havoc shouldn't there be an exuberance greater than it?

Spinning, hurting, falling, crashing, becoming a murky swamp of tears

A vortex of daggers shreds until nothing is left

So easy, so easy to be consumed

The human mind finds pain easy, why not surrender to despair?

Happiness an easy thing to see when one has it, but it is not an easy thing to be had

We look for the obvious because it is easy to see, we usually accidentally stumble onto something subtle

In the hell fire we are challenged to look for something that has not been consumed to ashes

Can there possibly be anything?

A storm so dark, as dark as our hearts threaten to become

Look at the sky it rages so

But look below

Catch my breath-

A small flash of color, bright, brilliant

There it is a small flower I didn't notice before

Its colors have been intensified by the storm

The colors so sweet, so kind, so vibrant

The dark of the storm has made it shine brighter

Something so simple and unnoticeable has become significant and powerful

Spinning not to fall, but with wander is there more? You must look

The grass covered in raindrops is like hills of emeralds

The dirt as rich and brown as it was when it was first created

Dry fields become wealthy with gold


Close your eyes and breath


Wet earth promsises new life


Damp bark, the smell seeps from the trees, steady and growing


Life has sprung from the turmoil


The dark has revealed the light


Something good has come from the pain


A change of focus, a different view, and now you can see the beauty and delight


It was always there you just had to look


Sometimes it takes the dark for us to see the light  

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Our world
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