Your eyes begin scanning low on the ground,

As they move upwards, glancing 'round,

Veiwing wonderments of a spectacle;

 A treasure against it's pedestal.

The mirage of colors, too good to be true,

Stand fixated, yet away they flew.

Circling, spinning, coating your hands

As you clutch the air tightly, senses misunderstnad.

The vibrance and grace spirals into the sky.

Grazing wisps of the clouds, the colors slip by.

Then sunlight unfolds its miraculous splendor,

Revealing  heated beams that possess no offender. 

Radiance, brilliance blazing your sight

Flooded by blinding myriads of light.

The dawn's shining dazzle gleams in your eyes,

Absorbing the rays is life's flawless prize. 


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