I Don't Mind





Clawing your eyes out just to

Spite you

Spite me instead

I can't live the way you want

Me to. The way you look at me

Tells me that you want me to respond.

 But I don’t know how to respond.

 I don’t know how to respond

To you asking me that question.  

That question that I can’t answer,

I can’t answer your question, and

I don’t know how to respond.  

So maybe if I told you I loved you, you would


Expecting a response.  

But I don’t and

I will not lie to you,

I will not lie,

I don’t want to lie.  

Should I lie?  

Unless, maybe, actually.  

What if I loved you?  

What if I loved you and

I held you and

I kissed you and


Then what would happen?  

We would be together forever and

It would be great and

Amazing and

Fantastic and

Then you would dump me and

I would die, I would die forever

And ever

And ever.  

I know that’s melodramatic, I do.  

But when I lie on the dock at camp,

I feel the damp wood seeping into my bones,

And I try and concentrate on that, but instead I see

Your face.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow,

And I don’t know what will happen in a year.  

A lot can change.  

But don’t you change.


Don't you change






i realy enjoyed this poem it was very in tune with the world and the emotion that it was made me feel what it was feeling, or more like saying.


So much, emotion actually seeps through.  It's beautiful and so touching. I really enjoyed it.  Thank you for posting. :)

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