your my favorite poem


       i want to read the lines of your hands as if they where peices of paper with a story to tell. I want to kiss your hands so that my lips could tell the verystory of which your hands plead to speak. I want to swim in the river of your emotions to your mind spews and swim slowly to your heart and take it in my hands and whisper oh so softly " its gonna be alright" that " theirs no reason to fear because its superman was here". That i was here to restore the strings and issues it had with the word ..Trust. ... but if thy heart must.. resist I must presist. i want to fly to the top of your shoulders and remove every ounce of guilt ... every ounce of hate. every bit of hurt from your body and whisper in your ear..... today ... today is a new day. a fresh start. A new Beginning .So as i lay here i think of the story our hands could write and the story fingertips could rewrite in our minds as we genlty slide our fingers between one another i close my eyes and tell my self . You are my favorite poem.        


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