Fairy Capes and Dandelions


From beneath the dogwood tree

I listened to wind rustling

                          across housetops

and through daisy fields

till it was over me

singing in my ear

tooting down my throat.


Everything swayed and curved

  and billowed ...

fairy capes flew

toward the sky then

sprinkled down freely

salting dandelions and poppies

and dousing me in the process.


Do I love you

or do I love love?

I don't know.


But I'll live,

as long as there are fairy capes

and dandelions.



Imagination is part of loving ...


This is from my book, Alone is Such a Long, Long Time. Amazon has it, or go to my website: www.estherluttrellbooks.com 


See you there?


I absolutely love this. Beautiful imagery.

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