Words You Will Never Hear

It's IIt's like you lit my soul on fire


I'm buring and there is nowhere to go


baby that can't be true for just me


you have to feel this sensation too



the hurt you feel now


that hurt you feel bubbling up in your chest when you cry


it's your soul telling you to stay


don't run away


don't run away from me



Let this one be different


let your heart soar further than it has before


face your fears head on


like a collision


break free of your seat belt security



fly away with me


fly so far up that you are afraid to drop me


you won't drop me


you never do in my dreams


A relationship takes two


and baby I am willing to work with you


but you have to stay



stand on the railway


face the train with your arms outstretched


your palms open to face the skys


my hands wrapped around your waist



I know we can't die


not like this


not with the spirit we have


our connection is too strong to be cut


the sisters of fate's knife is too dull



My words jump off the page


just like my heart jumps for you



I know you will never read this


never hear this


never listen to me speak again





but I know 


I know that as I think this your soul


can hear mine calling out to you




I know this is hard for you


I know this is scary for you 


I know you



Don't run away


there are things in this world that we as humans need to face


you and I need to face





We need that embrace


of warmth from each other's


arms opened wide to welcome the love


and not the fear



Together you and I


in a fate that is already twisting


 churning in the ways of life


feel the salty spray on your face


and know that that is me


kissing your face with my tears








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