I will be myself

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 20:57 -- Dayvon


I remember being asked one day that if I could be anyone or anything. What or who would you be, I looked them straight in the face and I said that I would be myself. If I wasn’t me then I would not have great friends like do now; that understands my crazy and that loves to be lazy just like me. I been told that I got the devils smile I think that’s why girls sometimes like me. But I think that it might also be the way I say my poetry and words. So well spoken; that it’s like magic leaving them enchanted or so I wish. If I wasn’t me then I think I might get that old saying dying is easy life is hard or living is a hell of its own. Then if that’s true when you see me I guess I’ll be walking straight through hell with a smile. The part I love best is that I can show the new generation. Showing them that they can make it big time; without having to go through a life of crime. Because they are our future and if guided in the wrong way then I think we might be fucked. I hope you understand now that the next time you ask me. If there was anyone or anything; what or who would you be, I will say that I will be myself.


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