'Yer jalan athhirari anni,' she says. 'Moon of my life.'

'Shekh ma shieraki anni,' I whisper back. 'My sun and stars.'


But girls shouldn't date girls

They shouldn't hold hands or kiss 

They shouldn't buy each other cheesy gifts

Or draw pictures of one another and sing love songs together


but we do


So I have heard what people say. I have seen the looks they give, I have felt the full weight of condemnation. 

'It's just a phase.'

she brings me joy

'It's not natural.'

she brings me joy

'It's a sin.'

she brings me joy

'You'll burn in hell.'

she brings me joy


warm words that wrap around me on cold nights, like her arms in a tight embrace

I murmur them because when she holds me I feel like I am alright


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