Accepted Mystery

Dear Life,


If there's one thing you've taught me

It's that insecurity is tangible.

That everywhere you turn

You wonder if you'll ever be enough. 


You look at those around you

Hoping they aren't thinking what you are. 

It's almost as if you could 

Just reach out and touch the incomplete.


The harder you try to climb, 

The farther you see you've yet to go.

Overachieving is a

Headline, front and center in your mind.


They try to tell you to stop.

You're striving too hard, they say sadly.

But you look over your shoulder...

They're farther on, I can't just stop now.


If there's a mountain out there,

I have to climb it to the tip-top.

Every rock, I have to move...

Psychological competition. 


But when we see only what

Is more and greater for us to do.

We forget the gifts we call

Our own and lose track of that for which we were created. 


We weren't meant to carry the

Weight of the whole world on our shoulders. 

We were given a countless

Few... tools to make our world a purpose. 


Gifts placed deep down in our hearts,

Bits of wonder no one can catch, no

One can begin to explain.

Yet each a world changer, a beacon.


You throw darts, breathe gold fire...

But real gold fears no flame, each cavern

Is a bright opportunity, a

Place for what makes us unique to stand.


When we feel everyone's 

Eyes boring into our every action, 

We can choose. Our hearts a hope

Stepping out in faith and confidence.


Or our minds a fear, a wait...

That holds us back from our destiny. 

What makes us stumble, leaves us

Strong. A blessing in hooded disguise. 


The voices that call out for

Our failure, the whispers deep in our mind...

Can't hide the One voice that calls

Louder yet pushed behind. Waiting for us.


It tells us we're accepted. 

It cries we are redeemed, set free.

It calls us to dance to the

Song in our hearts. To life up our voice.

To sing. 


Fovever, Hannah Grace

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This poem is a story of my life and journey. I hope it encourages someone to be strong and confident knowing they are conquerors!


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