If i had one wish


If i had one wish, i think that wouldn't be enough

why would it be fair for a cat to get 9 lives and i get one

but it only takes a nine to take one's life, irreversible cycle that we are a part of

we are injected by hate, we all sleep to our dreams and wake up to our night mares i wonder if Einstein had a solution for peace

i wonder if he cared, i wonder if he fought for his believes or was he was just accepted , he's a legendary man who created the ultimate weapon


if i had one wish i would be forever living, i would educate all and put a stop to war

i would eliminate hunger and catch a shooting star, help those chained by welfare's and free those third world country slaves

but will give them hope, their scars and painful memories will stay, its something you just can't elope


if i had one wish i would bargain for another i would build a nation that welcomes all,

it wouldn't matter who or what you are whether your fat, skinny, short or tall,

 if my wish came true it would be a revolution i would find the missing link in evolution but that wouldn't be my conclusion

because one wish is not enough my ideas and thought are like a diamond in the rough


if you would lend me your ear and listen close for the base im not talking about the beat but the location or my starting place, it's the building

stone for the new ear to come

new era cap on my head i got my future on my mind, ideas so accurate its vivid to the blind, it will play the softest symphony to the deaf my wish will

bring joy to the world like winning the super bowl just because of the ref.


if i had one wish i'll try fit in all my list,

i would trade it for challenges in life

and for my lost loved ones to be alive..


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