The Struggle


The struggles of life vary person to person.
"I can't pay rent" to
"I hate my extravagant life":
Those inevitable thoughts.
"If you hate it so much, change it,"
They said.
But the only person you can change is yourself.

No Father;
No Mother;
No one to care.
Lack of a home;
Lack of life;
Lack of wanting to live lives there.

In my mind;
In my soul.
I know I must beat-
But how?

I long to live for other.
Fulfill a deep passion to care.

Love where there is hate.
Peace where there is violence.

A way to give all my love,
When I've never felt it before.
No money,
Happiness is my reward.

To give joy where there is hopelessness
And security to lost souls;
Something I've never known.


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