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Because I love you, when you're near my stomach drops.

Because I love you, I stay up all night wondering what did I do to deserve such a beautiful human being.


You saved me in my darkest hours.

You saw me drowning in a sea of misery and loneliness.

I was lost at sea with no one to save me.

I was drowning from the deep waves.

Sinking with every tear I shed.

I could feel my hand reaching to the surface, but no one was there to save me.

But then I felt you.

I felt your hand pull me to the surface.


You showed me what love was.

You showed me how to love.

You showed me how to trust.

You showed me the value of loving myself.

You helped me become a better person everyday.

You are the dazzling bright star in my universe, that was once full with darkness.


Because I love you, my soul is full with joy.

Because I love you, I cry at the thought of losing such a beautiful soul.

Because I love you, I will cherish and value you forever.

Because I love you, I have nothing to desire becuase you're all I ever wanted and needed.

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