Phase Out the Fake Out.

Sometimes the biggest picture,

Of who we think we are,

Is found in an illusion that,

We broadcast near and far.

We avoid certain ideas,

And don't let concepts out.

We won't let others see us,

'Cause we're filled with self-doubt.



I don't always feel it,

But it's easy to be,

What I want other people,

To hear, and know, and see.

When I'm finished talking,

And stand and stop and think,

I get a little panicked,

Because I might have blinked.


Instead of living on the side,

That I think is the best,

I ought to live in freedom,

Not worried about the rest.

I was made uniquely me.

I hear "That sounds cliche!"

Perhaps you've heard it once before,

But it's true anyway.


One of a kind, that's who I am

There is no "2.0".

God didn't build me from a can,

And I'm not a Lego.

I wasn't built to fit a norm,

So I'm not going to try.

Instead I'll live for God's glory

Not the "generic human" lie.


I'll be me,

'Cause I'm free.


Now I see,

He loves me.

End story.

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Our world


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