My Ode To 74


 My Ode To 74 At first I had to pinch myselfat best it seemed surreal.For no one could have told meexactly how I'd feel. Contemplating turning 74   did certainly give me pause.Given all the negative pressthis age is said to cause. Oh no, no, no, you can't wear that  you're much, much, much too old.Only clothes befitting your advanced ageallows you in the fold. Regardless of the shape you keepshowing too much skin is wrong.Bikinis, short shorts, fishnetsall must be gone. One foot in the grave, a common term,shriveled up and slow.Sex no longer an option,nor is the afterglow. Speak for yourself I say,but never speak for me.I've never followed others' rulesbecause I'll never agree. For age is just a number,a given fact of life.I choose to enter into it,wide open, free of strife. Every year a new beginning,bringing wonder and surprise.Reminding us the awesome blessing,the gift of being alive. I vow to go against the grain,never buy into the lies.For if I did I'd lose my JoYlooking forward to 75!



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