Don't Go


As the years escape my eyes. You try to say your final goodbye. But your hand won't leave mine. Thoughts of you fill my mind. Life without you is full of pain, no laughter, no smile just gray painful rain. The light in my eyes slowly disappears as I wish on anything that you were still here. Your so close yet so far away and when I with you I can't find the right words to say. The dreams of our life together felt so real. I know what love is, I know how I feel.. The smile I have around you is so true. I wish you could see in my head that I really love you. I can't let you go, I have to refuse. I've felt the pain in the past, this time I can't lose. You've meant more to me then my life itself. When I'm with you, there is nothing else. So as your hand slowly slips from mine, I pull you close and our bodies entwine. I look into your eyes and explain how I'm feeling. And hope to GOD you change your mind about leaving. My heart has been taken by you for a while. When your near, it skips a thousands miles.  I'm going to make mistakes, I'm far from perfect. But knowing your there, makes it all worth it. Just close your eyes, relax and breathe. Don't think too hard about the past, just think of you and me.....


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