It's not you it's ME !

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 21:06 -- Bri123


United States

I like you a lot but don't know how to tell you...why can't we see eye to eye? 

Set standards for each other? Everything is just so paper thin. With not enough time,

I feel so lonely, I need you! Your always there for me, we hangout day to day your 

homie...and it's hard for one to not act phoney, I have so many excuses of why I can't

when I can! I don't want to mess this up , you give me a 2nd chance but I feel like we 

can be more than friends, Problems we solve decisions we make, tears we cry ,tell me secrets, we promised not to hide, moments we spend together , then later in life everyone eventually dies...

I realized we kept it REAL even on rough days, Lets continue on like we said we would, like to know you feel the same?

well I do, go on with our lives but still be a team these are my true feelings, you know what I mean?

It's not you it's ME I knew from the jump when I first met you we were ment to be:P

Now tell me how you feel....


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 

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