Thankful Dread


United Kingdom
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I hate that feeling when I open my eyes,

I hold my breath in dread,

Will today be a morning to rise,Or will I just stay in my bed? I make my plans in hope that I,Will be able to follow them through,I pray to God that I can comply,In all that I want to do. My fight is just one day at a time,Sometimes good,sometimes bad,I tell myself I'm going to be fine,If ever I find myself sad. I'm not quite sure until I wake,Just how my day's going to go,I hope so much the plans I make,Will allow my mind to slow. I guess the truth is I should try,To look at things this way,Some people had to say goodbye,And will not wake up today. So every time I open my eyes,I will thank the Lord up above,For giving me another day to rise,To be with all the people I love.

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wow this is really good

Angela McCrimmon

Thank you so much :-) x

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