A Quarter Teaspoon of Happiness is All I Need.

Usually, I tend to be rather somber.

But there are certain things that

awake me from my slumber.

For one thing, the winter makes me feel alive;

like there is no other time I would rather thrive.

Hot chocolate from Dutch Bro's

can warm my entire body- even the tip of my nose.


I have a beautiful dog

who is a mixture of a Chihuahua and a Pug;

she always cuddles in for a hug.

Even when I'm sobbing

and my world is stopping

she just sits with me

and everything goes back into motion with a breeze.


I will admit,

way down in the pit

of my being, I am not a phony

But I love the taste of pepperoni.

I know that rhyme was a bit cheesy,

But I can't stop when it's that easy.


I find a large amount of joy

in 15 minute episodes about a boy

who always catches the girl when she falls.

Sure, I have no idea what they say

But it still makes me feel some type of way.

I can feel the sincerity as they speak

I can see the love in his eyes when he kisses her cheek.

I don't need to be fluent in the Korean language

To know her love was professed in a passage.




I may not be the

happiest girl.

But there are things in this world

that bring me joy, even in a small dose

and that means the most.

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