Solar-Powered Girl

That which makes me tick is hard to define

Is the antidepressants stabilizing my mind?

Is it the fear of failure or being left behind?

Is the incessant tick tock ticking of time?

Or is it the comforting rhythm of my heart and these rhymes?

Maybe my tick is a positive thing

A heart so full of love that I just wanna sing

Feeling so light I could just fly, take wing and go!

Racing forward to a life I have chosen

All doors are open

As long as I grab the handle

Can’t hold a candle

To how bright my future will be

To the brightness in me

And soon you will see

Like the sun I will be

Burning bright, wild, and free

So I guess what powers me

Is my solar energy

Soak it up like chloroplasts

Store it so that it lasts

Unleash it in blasts

To drown out the dark of the past

And break that ceiling of glass

At the top of the class

The best I’ll surpass

And be the greatest at last

Top of the world

A solar-powered girl


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