Dear Failure, 

Many say it is better to try and fail than to not try at all.

For so long, the fear has told me, "No."

"It is safer here."

"Where no one tells you no."

"Where you don't feel the sting of rejection."

"Where you don't taste the saltiness of your tears after losing."

"It is safer here."

For so long, it felt like I was on the outside, looking in.

"Why can't I be as brave as them?"

"Why don't I have the courage to do what I want?"

"When will I stop fearing failure?"

Losing is a like the chalky medicine you take when you're sick.



Necessary for improvement, growth, and wellbeing.

Failure is the unappreciated gift that life gives you.

You lose, you fall, you cry.

But you're one step closer to success every time. 

As I silence the fear, and embrace the failure,

with quaking arms and hesitant steps,

I realize that the only was to succeed is to fail.

The only way to grow is to hurt.


With that, I thank life for its gift of failure.

Through it I become stronger and better.



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