Heart Song


United States
41° 47' 11.9508" N, 122° 39' 33.192" W

The world has shut me out.
Told to never speak truths again.
My mind holds back my hearts true nature and shoves it in a corner of doubt.
My poor heart slowly becomes passive like a wild lion whipped into submission.
My dreams start to fade, my inner light almost snuffed out.
My mind feels loathing for the sad state of the heart.
How pathetic it has become!
My mind releases it's hold, no longer threatened by the heart.
With the chains gone, the heart starts to slowly beat.
Still shaken by its captivity, it gently beats faster and faster.
Finally, it cannot take it anymore!
The heart rips open with joy and sings of truths long forgotten.
Such long happy sobs of joy as the heart becomes itself again.
No longer can I hold my deepest thoughts and feelings.
I must write my blood, my tears, my inner happiness for all the world to see.
My inner light burns like a beacon, the happiness is overflowing!
The harmony of my mind, heart, and soul have returned.
And I am at peace, once again.


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