Once Upon I Fell For You


Once upon a time, Not to long ago,
There was this beautiful woman.
Only knowing you a short time,
I must say, you had my attention.
When you looked at me,
I was swallowed up in,
The depths, of your baby blues.
When you spoke, I listened,
As your words fell off your tongue,
With intellect, confidence, and grace.
You floated as a winged Angel,
Sent from the heavens,
When you walked my way.
The times I made you smile,
Made even the hardest day, joyful.
The moments you embraced me,
I never, wanted to let go.
Time seem to stand still,
On the days we couldn't meet.
Seconds were hours, hours were days.
Time, was never on our side.
We talked about our future,
We opened up, about our past.
I have never met a woman so honest,
And that honesty scared me, I ran.
I wanted to show you the world,
Take you places you've never been.
Live like gods here on earth, amongst men.
I felt invisible, hand in hand with you.
You brought out the very best of me,
And there's no way I can thank you.
So I sit here and write this only for me,
Maybe one day down the road, you will see,
That Once Upon A Time,
There Was This Beautiful Woman,
That I Fell In Love With,
Not To Long Ago,
When she entered my life.

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