They are waiting

I am waiting

I don't know them, they don't know me,

But we are waiting for each other. 

I have prayed for them already.

I want to be a missionary. 


All my life I've

known my future

God asked me to spread His love

To nations, peoples, far and wide

And so I follow as He leads me

He wants me as His missionary. 


I know the cost

I know the pain

I've travelled far to gain experience

To practice what my life will be

But cost and pain are nothing

To the incandescent joy and peace

When I am Christ's missionary. 


You roll your eyes

You hide disgust

You think my dreams are misguided

And that's okay, your dreams are different

Not everyone can be the same

My dream is mine: missionary. 


I have to follow. 

I have to go.

I have to do as Christ has asked

Don't think I am compelled--

I am excited. This is my dream.

And they are waiting

They are waiting.

I am coming to spread God's love

I have prayed for them already

I want to be a missionary.


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