My Heart Used to Dance

He made everything better

I don’t know how he did it and I don’t think he did either

He could help me through anything

Without even trying, just with one touch

I was better.

Cheesy movies and love songs never made sense

Until the way my heart danced when we were together

He changed my perspective on life

He made me feel free, like I could do anything

And with him,

I believed I could.

I was older and people saw me as smarter

but he was wiser.

He taught me how to live for myself

I have always been scared of everything

But with him I was fearless.

He was younger

but he made me feel safe

He made me feel stronger

I have never had someone there to protect me,

from everything- until him.

For the first time I felt it was okay to let go,

“I’m not gonna hurt you” he explained

as I believed and fell.

For the first time I had hope and trust,

in someone other than myself.

I did not care about his flaws

I did not care about the rumors

Because there was no denying the way we felt,

Everyone could see it,

Everyone loved the idea of “us.”


How did my medicine turn into poison?

How did my reality turn into a concept?

How did my freedom turn into an internal prison?

How did my defender turn into what’s destroying me?

How did my hope turn into my fear?

I hope you make her feel how you made me feel,

because I had never felt more alive.

But I hope you never make anyone feel how I feel right now,

because I have never felt more dead.

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